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Business owners and managers come up with brilliant ideas every day as to how to enhance the image of their brand, but more often than not, the ideas don't go anywhere.  Marketing and promoting a business can be tough work, but it doesn't have to be that way.  All you have to do is put that idea down on paper.


One of the most neglected marketing tools available are existing, satisfied customers.  Why not use them to promote your message and reward them for doing so?  For the cost of business cards and a loss-leader, your customers will become your greatest sales force.  Here's an example:

*Give your existing customers a free (something) when they come in with friends and purchase something.  If you're a restaurant, an appetizer, or a free side order, or even one free meal with the purchase of four can be exceptional ways to get your existing customers to come back.

By using this simple little tactic, you not only get your customers to come in and spend more money, you get to have them bring their friends along for the ride and then, you'll be able to "wow" them and gain even more customers.  The cost of 1,000 business cards with a statement about the special on the back and the disclaimer, "you must bring this card with you," you've just created a low-cost, highly effective tool to get your customers to frequent your establishment more often. 

Right now, our price for 1,000 14pt, UV coated, full color (both sides) is only $23.75, and that includes FREE design and delivery to your door!

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