2:29 PM
2013 was a spectacular year for us here at Allure Networks, seeing new clients, developing new ideas for 2014 and saving clients money on their design/print and web marketing.  We've worked with quite a few non-profit organizations for their fundraising and marketing materials, only to see their outreach efforts become more effective - and that's the plan for 2014.

Here is a look at some fresh ideas!

Animated Apparel:  Whether it be t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or even high-end polo shirts, Allure Networks can help you find the right brand, the right design, the right composition and do so in a cost-effective manner!  We even have some ourselves!  Remember - apparel makes the wearer walking billboards for your company.  They can also serve to communicate a brief overview of what you do, and give the wearer a sense of belonging - making them feel some ownership in what you do.  It's all about brand loyalty and apparel is a great way to create brand loyalty.  Also, for non-profits, faith groups, apparel is a wonderful way to generate some additional revenue.

Print-O-Rama:  Business cards, push cards, lobby cards, or bookmarks don't have to be the same old boring, bland cards you had in 2013.  Color, texture, finish, weight of the paper all make an impact on the quality of the printed material as well as the "Keep It" factor.  Meaning, if it looks good, your services are good, prospective clients will take your materials and "keep it" for future use.  Our high quality print materials are some of the most affordable in the marketplace and if you're unsure about your design, in most cases, our design fee is free!  Contact us, compare our pricing, quality and customer service and you'll be coming back for more.

Contented Content:  If you're not adding new content on your website or your social media, you are missing out on an opportunity to reinvent yourself with every posting.  You can let your customers and prospective customers know about specials, share insights as to how your products are unique and equally important, tell your story!  Allure Networks specializes in content management and we're running a special through February 2014 wherein you can have a free month of web or social media content management with the purchase of three months!  It's a bargain unlike you'll see anywhere else.  

Loving That Logo:  Did you know that Allure Networks can provide you with logo design?  And did you know that we can do logo design for as low as $59?  Well, now you do!

2014 is going to be exciting.  If you have questions or would like to give us the opportunity to serve you, contact us today!  services@allurenetworks.net