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Consumers are bombarded with images thousands of times per day and for the small business marketer, that could mean trouble.  Particularly so if the marketer just doesn't know how to cut through the clutter. This is where experience, creativity and a willingness to take a risk becomes critical to success because as we all know, seeing is believing for the consumers.  

Here are a few thoughts about using visuals to hook consumers.

Food, no food.
Driving through Yukon, Oklahoma this week, we saw a grand opening banner for a new, locally owned pizza shop.  The banner was pretty simple - just lettering announcing the opening, a phone number address.  We saw the banner because we actually design and produce banners - but to the average consumer, it was probably viewed as just a bunch of words.  Were the Allure crew involved in the design/production of the banner it would have looked remarkably different - any food establishment that does not provide a mouth-watering graphic on their banners or any printed promotional material is really missing out.  See below:
Imagine you're on your way home from work, you're hungry, you're tired...and this banner with a slice of cheesy, delicious pizza jumps out at you.  See our point?

Season's Greetings
We don't just give out advice, we follow our own advice.  Seasons change, moods change and nowhere is this more obvious than on social networking spots such as Facebook.  We recommend that all businesses have not only a web presence, but a social media presence and the new look of the Facebook covers are an example of showing sensitivity, understanding of the seasons, and we're not just talking about holidays.  See below:
Summer time, lounging on the beach...we were able to communicate that we understand the love for summer, for relaxation - but also communicated that we're "on the scene" to help, to make a difference for our clients to ensure they in fact enjoy their summer.

People Get Ready
Smiling faces, happy faces, fun...people like to see other people enjoying themselves and having a positive experience.  Human interaction is necessary in business and communicating a message using people in your message is a good way to relate to basic human need.  See below:
Mondays are typically not welcomed with open arms, but look at the young lady in the graphic...she is enjoying herself, isn't she?  

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