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Non-profit organizations often struggle during troubling economic times and ironically, it is during troubling economic times when many non-profit organizations are needed most.  So, creativity is important for organizations who desire to create awareness as well as generate revenues.  Where to turn?

How about t-shirts?
When purchasing t-shirts from Allure, we have special pricing structures just for non-profit organizations who desire to raise some revenue but t-shirts also serve the purpose of long-term name recognition.  T-shirts enable the wearer to be walking billboards for the organization and if the design is creative and catches the eye, the more effective it will be and the more often the wearer will head out into public, promoting the organization itself.  Makes sense, doesn't it?  Of course it does.  

We can help with the design and print the shirts for non-profit organizations at amazingly low prices - prices that free up much needed revenue to increase revenue for the organization itself (special non-profit pricing).  It's pretty simple, really.  Let's do the math:
Organization purchases  50 awesome, creatively designed white t-shirts with two colors on the front @ $4.25 per shirt - $212.50
The organization sells these same shirts as a fundraiser for $10 per shirt earning $500.
The organization pockets $287.50.
Simple.  Mission truly accomplished.

Facts are, t-shirts are exceptional marketing tools for bands, club venues, restaurants (hint: Eskimo Joe's), comedians - pretty much anyone who wants a public presence, walking billboards telling the world how awesome your products and services are, and they are inexpensive tools.

How about Booster Cards?
Local businesses support local high schools - it is just the right thing to do.  Band, athletics, academic clubs are all in need of additional revenues to expand the educational experience for their students but with budget cuts and the lack of funding for extracurricular activities (as important as they may be), just don't have the funding to accomplish their goals.  But, think about this:  Local businesses get FREE advertising on what we call Booster Cards.  Credit card sized plastic cards that have graphic coupons on the back entitling the holder to discounts on products and services from local businesses.   And by the way, Allure will take care of soliciting businesses to get involved, for a nominal fee...we're good like that.

Again, let's do some math one more time:
Organization purchases 250, glossy, durable plastic cards from Allure @ $2 per card - $500
Organization sells cards to boosters, supporters @ $10 per card - $2,500
The organization pockets $2,000   and the boosters, supporters save money on local purchases, support the local business community and are more likely to spend more money at these establishment because of brand loyalty as well as community spirit.
It's a win-win.

Allure Networks has a team of representatives dedicated to excellent graphic design and effective marketing.  We can, and will help your organization, your business market effectively and provide solutions to increase revenues.  We're good like that.

Contact us today:  services@allurenetworks.net