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We live in strange, heated political times, friends.  The rhetoric has ratcheted up to ear-splitting levels and there seems to be no end in sight.  Your high propensity voters are becoming increasingly engaged in the process, and are becoming increasingly angry with the lack of action they find pleasing - true on both sides of the aisle, as it were.  The casualty in this war of words, is the working man and woman, the individuals who spend their day working hard to earn money to keep their lives afloat and don't have all day to surf the Internet, listen to Rush Limbaugh and expend untold energy complaining.  These average American men and women are staying home, less likely to get engaged in the process because they are busy trying to live out the American dream, caring for their families.

So, what is a candidate for office supposed to do to reach these disinterested voters?  Is it possible that a candidate can craft a message that appeals to the activists yet encourages those who have lost interest in politics to get back in the game?  

If candidates are using the same consultants who have been hand-picking candidates, probably not.  The boiler plate approach to reaching specific constituencies have turned off the masses and this is proven by the decreasing number of active voters going to the polls and casting their votes in local elections.  A few years back, less than 4,000 people went to the polls and elected a mayor of a major city in Oklahoma.  Sad, but true.

Enter Allure:  Collectively, our crew has over 40 years of positive experience in political campaigns that range from local initiatives to Congressional campaigns and the bottom line is that we don't use a boiler plate and we save candidates money on their design, print and radio work.  Right from the start, a candidate working with Allure Networks learns very quickly that the status quo is not acceptable and we're not going to rape them on pricing.  We work with candidates we like, candidates we believe in who have the right message for the right constituency at the right time.  And we work hard to craft that same message and create printed materials and electronic media that not only appeals to a broader base effectively, but still stokes that fire under the seats of the activists.

We do push cards, business cards, yard signs, banners, stickers, bumper stickers, radio commercials, social media integration, web content management as well as candidate interview and debate preparation.  And we do so in a cost-efficient manner so the candidates can tell their donors that yes, they are in fact good stewards of the contributions they have received.

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