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The developments are fast and furious this time of year and many technological advances will give small business owners a little more of an edge.  Here's an overview:

Apple Announces New Operating System - iOS7
At WWDC 2013, Apple has officially unveiled the next generation of iOS, iOS 7.
Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced iOS 7, calling it "the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone."  Read more here.

Retailers Love Digital Advertising
Reaching new heights, retailers racked up nearly $10 billion in digital advertising this year and the predictions are that this number will simply increase.  With the advent of so many new applications for smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices, small businesses have the opportunity to capitalize on the growing dependence consumers have on technology to make their buying decisions.  Read more here.

To Build Or Not To Build?
Small business owners struggle with the decision to build a website and in so doing, just how much content is needed and what is it that makes a website a practical marketing tool?  There are a few alternatives out there and this NY Times blog lays them out for you.  Read more here.

Small Biz Operations On the Go
Small business owners often do double duty: they're one part entrepreneur, one part weightlifter (and cord detangler and IT maven; they've even been known to use their highly tuned Wi-Fi sensor skills). The bag of an entrepreneur is often weighted down with a business laptop, tablet and phone and the accompanying cords.  Read more - this is a great story.

Happy reading! 

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