2:31 PM
Part II

For Allure, we surprise our clients and prospective clients with launching new product offerings they simply weren't used to expecting from a small business marketing firm.  In one case, a prospective client asked us about doing some voice-over work for their on-hold services at their office.  One of the founders of Allure has been involved in the radio industry for many years so it wasn't surprising to receive such an inquiry.  But upon further investigation, it became clear that there was congruity of message missing, design flaws with their logo and online presence.  We showed our client by giving them the opportunity to save cash on their printed materials and not sacrifice any of their quality expectations.  The end result of this surprise?  Well, they have referred other businesses to us and we're all working together to surprise their competitors each and every day.
Note - we are not in any way advocating real, physical violence in any way whatsoever. 
Political candidates with media savvy consultants understand the concept of VOA and this usually takes place in the last 96 hours of a campaign.  Flood the market with a specific, tested, well-received message that will encourage voters to make the "right" decision for their candidate - and give them a reason to feel good about their voting decision.  This also translates in the private sector with media messages as well.  A great example of an advertisement that changed how computing is done is the unbelievable ad that ran one time during the Superbowl for Macintosh computers (now, Apple).  It was graphic, it was cutting edge and it literally exploded off the screen.  It worked, it was in-your-face and today, Apple is, well, Apple.  Small businesses can accomplish the same VOA by being smart and resourceful.

Let's say a restaurant in a small community has a launch date planned.  With innovations such as Every Door Direct Mail through the U.S. Postal Services, every household in that community can be reached with an aggressive message or offer to try out the new hot spot.   Consider this, also attributed to Sun Tzu:  
“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

To "fall like a thunderbolt" means to act decisively, using all of the resources available to ensure victory.  On behalf of our clients, Allure Networks provides timely, affordable marketing solutions that allow our clients to be the thunderbolt.  We are infinitely more than just a "print shop," optimizing the use of all of our resources to benefit our clients in their marketing warfare.

When you're ready to get in the trenches, let us know.  services@allurenetworks.net