12:27 PM
We promised there were some pretty interesting developments taking place at Allure Networks and we deliver on our promises...

First, we have added new representatives in the Oklahoma market!  These representatives have extensive experience in print and electronic media and understand both public and private sector marketing needs.  The benefit to our clients is increasingly efficient delivery of services and print products delivered to their doorsteps.  Additional representatives also mean we will have the opportunity to offer our clients more collaborative efforts between businesses within their communities and a convergence of geographic and demographic profiles.  In other words, we increase our reach and scope for our clients. 

Second, we are very excited to announce that Allure will now be providing print materials in Spanish for all of our clients desirous of reaching the Hispanic community with their products or services.  Not only print, but radio production as well.  The Spanish-speaking population is a growing segment and politics aside, the American dream is still the American dream and part of that includes selling products and services to qualified customers.  Language will no longer be a barrier for clients interested in expanding their potential customer base.

Third, Allure now offers mobile application design.  We use a variety of low-cost options for small businesses, providing the art and layout for mobile applications so businesses can stay in touch with their exceptionally mobile customer base.  This is a perfect opportunity for retail establishments - particularly for bars, lounges, comedy clubs and others in the entertainment industry.  The updates are fast, effective and can be accessible through mobile devices.

Allure Networks sets the bar pretty high - we provide high quality, professional graphic design, amazingly affordable and beautiful printed materials, aggressive and effective social media campaigns as well as marketing strategies, brand recognition awareness campaigns in addition to radio production.  We constantly strive to improve our services and products in order to ensure our clients get the very best service and materials. 

The aggregate result for our clients is increased revenue for them and customer loyalty.

Contact us today, let's get started.  services@allurenetworks.net