12:02 PM
From a classic Seinfeld episode:

Does your website, your graphic design or even your printed materials tell your customers and prospective customers that you've given up?  That you've made the decision to sacrifice quality for expedience?  

Let's say for a moment that you're exceptional at what you do - that your company is unique, you provide legendary service and quality at respectable prices.  Word spreads about you and people want to know more, so what do they do?  They check out your web page, they look at your social media presence.  If they find the graphic and grammatical equivalent of sweatpants, it detracts from your reputation and diminishes your brand - the brand you have worked so hard to build.

In this day and age, there is literally no excuse whatsoever to settle for anything less than spectacular where graphic design, composition and detailed marketing strategy is concerned.  Technology has been created to assist at every step of the process and the work that can be done on your behalf should never, ever be presented in anything less than a professional and excellent manner.  

Which of the below is more visually appealing to you?  

Both illustrations were composed using graphics software.  Both images are striking, but for different reasons.

You no longer have to settle for "adequate" where design, composition, and production of printed or electronic marketing materials.  Just say, "no" to bad production.

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