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Business cards are a necessity, the starting point of the marketing outreach - a "paper handshake," if you will.  They set the tone, the introduction to you and your business.  From there, you can consider other options like one of our personal favorites, postcards.  

These postcards are not the type of card you pick up at the local Dollar Tree, but rather are customized 4"x6" cards with glossy, UV coated stock that allows you to further explain your message and drive home the hot selling points of your brand.  These are perfect for just about any business, particularly for those in the political realm who are looking for a cost-effective alternative to what the local political hipsters have roped you into.

Then, how about using some colorful, long-lasting outdoor banners that are also cost-effective?  Banners are effective, draws attention to your business location and are an exceptional tool for price-point advertising.  Say you're running a special on (fill in the blank), but it's a special you run more than once a year - a banner is an excellent alternative.  And, if you live in one of those whacky communities where you can't wear denim jeans without a permit from the oligarchy that is City Council, banners can replace the incredibly high cost of permanent signage.

Then, there's the use of the wonderful world of social media - Facebook in particular.  Facebook is much more than a gossip-fest, cluttered with pictures of cute kittens and political messaging.  People connect on Facebook and often search businesses on Facebook before they even perform a Google search.  If your business wants a real interactive media wherein a message is cost-effective to promote and reaches a large segment of your potential and existing customer base, you have to have a decent presence on Facebook.

Now that we have that four-pronged approach nailed down, where do you go to get all of it in one place?  Well, you contact Allure Networks, of course.  And here is our little special, just for you through April 15th:

So, do the math:  You get all of the above for one low price of $350 - which is a $150 dollar savings.  You get congruity of message, continuity of branding, and a company working for you and your business that understands marketing strategy.  

Contact us today.  services@allurenetworks.net