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Small business marketing isn't what it used to be.  Once upon a time, a proprietor could hang their shingle, take out a small ad in the local paper and then, customers would just simply show up.  It's not that easy today and small businesses have to work hard to grow and flourish. 

Here are a few ideas as to why things are different and what small businesses can still do to be successful.  Consider it your "Allure's Insider Information."

1.  Technology.  To say that the Internet has been a major force in commerce is tantamount to saying that the sun is, well, hot.  No need for the profound grasp of the obvious - it's important to note that social media, web sites and Google have created a Pandora's Box of opportunities for consumers to spend their money.  Small businesses can harness this same technological power to create new revenue streams and broaden customer appeal.  Through the use of strategically placed social media and Search Engine Optimization, a skilled business owner can use technology to expand.

2.  Diversity.  Let's say a consumer is in the market for a coffee pot.  Many will just make the trip down to the local shop and pick one out, but before hand, they will take the time and use technology (see above) to determine product brand, selection and features.  Once armed with information, they will sort through the diversity of product choices and identify with the features most likely to make their lives easier.  By creating an eye-catching branding campaign, these consumers can be enticed to purchase a specific brand with specific features and small businesses have to understand fully what the impact of attractive branding can be to cut through the clutter.  For every product, there are dozens of suppliers.  In our industry, there are plenty of people who can "print business cards," but not everyone has the creativity, price quality and marketing savvy that we do. 

3.  Old Media Malaise.  There was a time when newspapers and other traditional media outlets were the ultimate resource for consumers to get information about products and/or services.  "Back in the day," newspapers would write evaluations of products and they were reasonably reliable.  Today, many traditional media outlets have gone the way of "pay to play" - meaning that if you want a write-up in the local paper, you have to buy an advertisement from them first.  This is true in urban as well as rural settings.  What is the alternative?  New media (see #1). 

4.  Direct Mail.  What was once "junk mail," is now a treasure for businesses that have a creative flair and use things like the Postal Service's Every Door Direct Mail program.  It is cost effective, relatively targeted and gives small businesses an opportunity to look as big as national chains. 

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