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Every now and again, it is necessary for the small business owner to think about the reasons he/she decided to go into business.  It could be anything from the desire for independence, to generating wealth, to providing a unique service or to simply fill a niche.  The reasons are unique for each business owner, but it is important to take a step back and survey the landscape and reevaluate the goal, the purpose of the business.

We've done just that at Allure and we thought we would share some of our insights with you.

Independent Spirit
Matt and Ron share more than just genetic material, they share an independent spirit, an understanding of what it means to have the drive and motivation to take a stand.  This translates into freedom for Allure's clients.  You can rest assured that designs will be unique, the messaging directly related to the business in question and certainly no cookie-cutter approaches to marketing a small business.

Matt and Ron are both creative souls, possessing abilities to communicate a message that cuts through the clutter that exists out there right now in media.  Ron's background in radio and television coupled with Matt's amazing technology and comedy experience makes for a delicious cocktail of creativity for clients.

Gaping Holes
When they surveyed the land, they saw an abundance of marketing firms providing a virtual smorgasbord of services to businesses, but very few have the creativity and independent spirit needed to truly be effective.  Matt and Ron developed a turn-key operation to fill in the holes where others lack and Allure does it affordably without compromising professionalism. 

Matt and Ron don't agree on everything political, religious or otherwise, and that dynamic tension works to the advantage of the client.  Rather than being stuck in a mold, fresh ideas are hashed out and a diversity of opinions are formed, providing new insight for effective marketing strategy.  Small business owners, generally speaking, are interested in efficacy, not politics.  Allure desires to meet those challenges head-on, and if we do say so ourselves, we're darned good at it.

America was founded largely by a group of men and women who were frustrated and extremely angry with the tyrannical rule of England over the colonies.  The end result?  This exceptional exercise in self-government called the United States of America.  Similarly, Matt and Ron have seen small businesses over charged, gouged, and just plain ripped off by other print, media and advertising firms.  Sure, some of our competitors really dislike us because we're honest, affordable and professional - but we rather like it that way.  If they are mad, we're doing something right.

So you see, Allure Networks is much like you - a small business, providing superior service and quality products to like-minded businesses.  We succeed when you succeed and that, friends, is our business model and it has worked well so far and we're not planning on changing a thing.

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