12:51 PM
Winter is coming to a close, Spring is right around the corner and it's time to get a jump on the competition.  Small business owners who are aggressive, consistent and determined will always win out over those who make excuses for not marketing.  Frankly, in this business climate, it's ludicrous NOT to market your brand. 

Allure Networks has put together a Kick-Start Small Business Package that we firmly believe will give every one of our clients an edge - a fresh look at the year and a reason to embrace the season.  Here's what it includes:

Business Cards
1,000 full-color, two-sided business cards with a gloss finish for only $40.  And yes, we'll do the layout and design for you at no charge.

1,000 full-color, two-sided 4x6 postcards that are great for your customers as well as prospective customers to learn more about you and your business.  They are only $60 and yes, we'll do the layout and design for you as well.

Social Media Build Out
Facebook, Twitter, Blogger build-out, growth and design for 90 days.  Build your fan base, communicate using the most aggressive and interactive models of media available and we'll do it for only $250.  That's right...$250 and we build and develop your social media monster and then turn the reins over to you.

Contact us today to get YOUR small business kick-start package rolling.