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Appointment cards:  Something the patient/client hangs on to as a means to remind them of an upcoming event wherein the two of you meet.  An opportunity for your services to meet a need for that client.  In some cases, it may be an appointment that one does not look forward to.  For example, you're a radiologist and you need to meet with your patient to discuss findings.  The news could be either great or horrific for your patient.  What do you do?  You set the appointment, write it on a plain, boring appointment card that they may or may not keep lying around.  Sure, the patient may remember the appointment, but why underscore the potential gloom of the meeting?

For attorneys, a scheduled appointment may also represent either a good or bad meeting.  In divorce or probate cases, it's not going to be a fun meeting.  Again, why leave a solemn reminder in the hands of your client?

Are you getting the picture yet?  Of course you are.

For the next week, Allure Networks is going to be giving you an opportunity to do something different, challenging, creative and yes, affordable.  We are running a special until the 27th of March on full color (both sides) appointment cards.  Here's the deal:

1,000 full-color (both sides) Appointment Cards
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