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The strip mall was located in a suburban setting, modest signage with finely manicured landscaping that was inviting but only marginally so.  The shops within the strip mall had more than their fair share of battles, but not with the owner of the building, rather the difficulty was presented by City Hall itself.  In an effort to curb what they deemed to be "unsightly signage," the affluent suburb had passed strict regulations pertaining to signs.  The restrictions dictated the size, colors and even the duration the signage was allowed to be displayed and if a business decided to use any signage, there was, of course, a fee to pay the city for such a privilege.

A new salon opened in the building, home to exceptionally talented stylists and affordable pricing.  A perfect locale for ladies on their way home from work, desirous of a little cut and color before the weekend.  The business owner needed to do more to let people know about their burgeoning new business so what was she to do?

First, she contacted Allure Networks and we evaluated her marketing plan from top to bottom.  We determined her branding goals, her advertising goals, the projected growth pattern, the executive summary and after that was complete, we took on the second task:  Determining a budget.  Typically, businesses do it exactly the opposite - they first determine a budget without any clearly defined goals for marketing and then try to shove it all into the same change purse.  It's lazy and it is rarely effective.

We determined that the branding and marketing projections were spot-on, all of the logo design was complete and the color palettes matched the overall concept as derived from the salon's executive summary.  Once we identified the strengths and weaknesses therein, we looked at the budget closely and determined that three things could be utilized to provide an effective and fast information blast, as it were:


What?  No advertising to speak of?  No "traditional" advertising at this juncture, no.  The reality is that the ownership and partners of this salon are high-energy, attractive individuals with no fear whatsoever in meeting new people.  They were and are willing to canvas the local area, shake hands and see people face-to-face and talk about their offerings with no fear whatsoever.  Confident that their product/service matches their branding and marketing goals, they become their greatest marketing tools.

The push cards/postcards we created are exceptionally colorful, providing discounts to the individuals who receive them and as new customers, the postcards serve as a tool for the stylists to know that this is a first impression and while every impression is important, that first experience is critical to bringing in new business and establishing long term relationships.

The business cards matched the color scheme for the salon, elegant and stylish but also practical.  The cards have on the back side, appointment information.  This serves multiple purposes.  First, it gives the customer something to hang on to, something to remember the name and location for her appointment.  Second, it provides a "paper handshake" to be shared amongst referrals. 

The outdoor vinyl banners were designed and created in a custom fashion to ensure city guidelines for outdoor advertising were met as well as draw attention to the salon itself.  Including the logo, the color scheme, address and an invitation, it does exactly what it is designed to do.

So, now you're probably wondering what it cost for all of these services?  We were able to accomplish all of these goals, share ideas and develop tactics as well as provide high quality printed materials and banners for less than $500. 

And the beauty of it is that yes, it works.  Short-term problem, short-term solution and the registers are ringing.

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