3:29 PM
It was a family owned business, one that had existed in the neighborhood for two generations.  Famous for generous portions, friendly service and a palate-pleasing experience coupled with an festive environment.  The neighborhood grew, the demographics became more diverse but the business stayed afloat, using word of mouth to maintain growth and keep customers loyal.  Their reputation was impeccable and the term, "we have always done it that way," aptly underscored their brand.  It is a great example of how doing something the same way for generations can be a good thing.

But then, times change, tastes change and a competitor moved in down the street with similar quality, newer furnishings and offering this new thing called "free wi-fi."  Before long, the established business began to see their customer base diminish, losing business to the new location just down the street. 

Businesses in this ever-changing climate can effectively maintain its history and product credibility while adapting to change.  Let's look at some of the good and bad ways to look at "We have always done it that way."

Our recipe has been handed down, generation after generation.  We have always done it that way.

We have used the same print shop for all our printed goods and yes, we pay more.  We have always done it that way.

We personally greet each customer at the door, let them know they're welcome.  We have always done it that way.

We use word of mouth advertising, it has worked in the past.  We have always done it that way.

We have been innovators, willing to adapt with changing markets.  We have always done it that way.

The Interwebs scare me.  I like waiting for customers to come here.  We have always done it that way.

We at Allure understand how difficult change can be because we have experienced it ourselves.  When we made the decision to add traditional print materials to our services lineup, we weren't sure if it would be a success and sure enough, it has.  Our growth has been substantial and our customer base increased exponentially.  We still maintain exceptionally high standards, we've kept our traditions and branding consistent, but we've ventured out and the aggregate result is a savings for our client base who no longer have to say, "We have always done it that way."

When you're ready to do it your way, with a twist, let us know.  We can help.