5:57 PM
Tommy Boy (IMDB) is one of our favorite movies, it makes the Allure crew laugh out loud every time we watch it and yes, we've watched it a bunch.  While it may not be considered a cinematic classic, nor could it be contrasted with Tin Men,  or Glengarry Glen Ross as motivational sales movies, Tommy Boy does provide some very interesting sales tactics.  Let's take a peek, shall we?

Set up:
Tommy Callahan is the son of the owner of Callahan Auto Parts, "Big Tom."  Big Tom dies of a heart attack at his own wedding, leaving the future of the Sandusky, Ohio auto parts manufacturer in Tommy Boy's clumsy and woefully ridiculous hands.  The brake pad division was Big Tom's dream and what he considered to be "the future of the company," and in order to keep the bank from foreclosing on the shop, Tommy Boy must sell 500,000 brake pads.  Certainly a difficult task.

Road Warrior
Tommy Boy and his co-worker Richard Hayden hit the road, ready to take on the competition, meet with existing clients and push some brake pads.  While Tommy Boy is not an incarnation of Zig Ziglar by any stretch of the imagination, he is not afraid to get out there and save the company.  Getting out of the office, spending time in front of prospects makes your business Road Warrior-worthy. 

True Believer
Tommy Boy believes in the quality of his product and his father's dream for the company.  His tactics are abysmal, his appearance laughable, but his belief in the quality of his father's brake pad design keeps him going, passionate about making the trip a success.  Believing in your product, your company vision can encourage you to first become a Road Warrior like Tommy Boy, and drive you to meet with clients and prospective clients.  Armed with your belief, your passion, your clients will sign on the line which is dotted.

Limited Capacity
Tommy Boy understands his limitations, and his fellow traveler is not shy about pointing them out.  Rather than being completely dejected by rejection after rejection and his companion's non-stop ridicule, he embraces his limitations and finds his own inner sales guru. We can learn from this that knowing exactly what our product or service limitations may be can empower us to communicate effectively to our prospects without fear of over-selling or even under-selling. 

Fearless Determination
Tommy Boy ends up at the offices of his key competitor who is about to buy out Callahan, and after a few slapstick comedy moments, it comes down to the brass tacks.  Tommy refuses to give up, never stops and even after believing that he hit the sales goal only to be told that it was a useless effort, his determination to save the company at all costs and sell those brake pads wins the day.  And of course, he wins the girl in the process.  During these so-called tough economic times, our sales staffs will hear the word "no" countless times before we hear the delightful ring in our ears...the word "yes."  And it will be worth the effort.  Being fearless, being determined and focused on the goal is what makes a difference and our prospects feel it and when we project ourselves as winners, our prospects respond favorably. 

Sales is not an easy profession but if Tommy Boy can do it, so can we.

And yes, as always, we can help you.