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There are two things we human beings enjoy more than almost anything:  Being scared out of our wits, and laughing.  We part ways with literally billions of dollars of our hard-earned cash to be entertained by zombies, ghouls, vampires (yes, even the sparkly ones) and creepy ghosts in the hopes of having our blood pressure skyrocket.  We also enjoy a good laugh - a perfect example of this is Superbowl commercials that tickle our funny bone and as a result, they are the most memorable.  Another piece of evidence to make this case is that of the resurgence of comedy clubs throughout the country that have been untouched by the otherwise difficult economic (and most assuredly, political) times in which we live.

Using humor in your marketing campaign can tap into that innate human desire to be entertained and the aggregate result is growth in your bottom line.  The use of humor in your marketing can bridge the gap that sometimes exists between the proprietor and the customer.  The customer comes to know a side of the business personality, the corporate environment wherein even the most emotional draining environments can be handled with a smile and give the customers who may be experiencing a tough time, smile for just a moment.  In that very moment, a bond is established that cannot be easily broken.

Case In Point
A durable medical equipment retail establishment serves individuals who may be facing a literal battle for their lives.  In some cases, the medical supply store is the first stop after receiving exceptionally difficult news of a potentially terminal disease.  On one afternoon, an elderly couple entered a retail establishment after learning that the wife had been diagnosed with cancer.  Their faces solemn and demeanor sad, the retailer had ensured that all of their staff were sensitive to the reality that many of their patients would be facing struggles, and should be handled with the utmost care.  One clerk in particular took the time to care for this couple, talked for a few minutes, provided them with some casual conversation and before long, they were laughing hysterically - so much so that the elderly woman had to stop and use the restroom before leaving.  The husband looked at the clerk and said, "Thank you.  We needed a good laugh."

While the situation described above required a great deal of sensitivity, it does represent how a positive attitude and an environment where taking the customer and his/her needs seriously does not necessarily mean that it has to always be a somber situation.  Sometimes, a little humor can build customer loyalty while meeting needs at the same time.

So, ask yourself this question:  When is the last time you had a good laugh with your customers? 
Now, ask yourself:  What will you do today to make a customer smile?

If you need a good laugh yourself and want to incorporate a good sense of humor into your marketing plan, you can call us.  We're always good for a laugh.  Or two.