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Social media is replete with horrific spelling and grammar errors and the masses seem not to care too much.  The age of the smart phone has served to dumb down the quality of our communications and while there are a vast number of websites dedicated to the pesky "auto correct" failures, the fact that auto correct even exists should be an indictment of our ability to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas as well as our slothful attitudes toward the same.  Sadly, social media is a breeding ground for slothful communications and the problem is only going to worsen as social media expands.

Before the accusation of "Grammar Nazi" is leveled, take heart in knowing full well that our intentions are not to belittle or in some way denigrate the effectiveness of communications in a casual register rather than formal register - quite the contrary.  If your business model targets the moderately literate, party-going masses whose brains are clogged with malted hops and bong resin, march on smartly.  If, however, your desire is to project an image for your non-profit, your business or even your entertainment venue, consider the limitless possibilities of creating a visage for yourself that transcends mere casual dialog but rather tantalizes your reader, inviting them to engage in a more meaningful, committed relationship with you...

For example, which of the two following pubs would you prefer to patronize?

#1:  "We have cold Beer and Hotwings until the Kitchen closes and we arn't shure when that willbe."

#2:  "Enjoy our outstanding selection of deliciously cold draft beer, complimented by our spicy hot wings tonight, until 11pm!"

The argument could be made that if yours is the only proverbial game in town, it matters not how you communicate, rather it matters only that you do in fact communicate.  This is simply a fallacy.  Your messages, particularly where social media is concerned, speaks directly to who you are and what services or products you provide.  When your business is unwilling to put forth the effort to do something as simple as proofread, one can immediately call into question your ability to deliver what you promise.

Of course, this is not to say that every external communication should be worthy of a Pulitzer. 

Allure Networks has been assisting small businesses and non-profits with their communications and we do so because we believe in their products and services and we extend this invitation to you as well.  Whether it is blogging or creating a social media presence that speaks to the very heart of what you do and offer the public, our commitment to your excellence will be unsurpassed.  Our service, our dedication to ensuring your image is preserved and your customers remain loyal, will exceed even the loftiest expectations.  And better yet, we are exquisitely affordable. 

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