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The time has come for small businesses to stand up and be counted in this economy.  As a matter of fact, it is small business that actually drives this economy.  It is the local small business that supports the local high school marching band, that supports the local veteran's organizations and that lives and breathes in its respective community.  There is always a great deal of talk about support for small businesses during election cycles and the last election cycle was no different.  But one thing is absolutely certain:  We have to do it ourselves.

It's time for a small business revolution.  It's a revolution wherein we simply put our noses to the grindstone and do the hard work needed to succeed.  That means that we spend more time networking with our neighbors, identifying market trends in our communities and we do so by putting national teeth-gnashing on the back burner.  Each community is different, has a different flavor and different demographic composition.  The bad news coming from New York City, for example, often has little or no impact on the doughnut shop in Yakima, Washington. 

Small businesses need to strengthen their armory to prepare for this revolution and to be victorious in the long run.
  • Customer Service Plan.  More than simply "greeting" customers as they come in, but create a plan to ensure that your customers have a positive experience.  Development of a customer survey system to rate how you and your staff are meeting needs.  An exit strategy of sorts should be developed to problem solve when your clients have a less than favorable experience.
  • Marketing Plan.  Your advertising/marketing budget should be approximately 7-10% of your annual gross revenues and needs to include external marketing and internal marketing.  Internal marketing such as using your employees as human billboards (t-shirts, jackets, swag) and getting them involved in the process.  External marketing includes everything from radio, television, Internet, social media, search engine optimization, print materials, print advertising and even direct mail.
Building relationships through networking, through community events are necessary to ensure continued success.  People tend to buy from those they like and/or trust so make yourself "likeable."

The revolution begins today and it begins with you and your small business.  Together, we can do this.

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