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Indoor or outdoor, banners make it easy to communicate a colorful and portable message to prospective and existing customers.  They can do much more than promote your daily specials, they can show your community - spirit which also increases foot traffic.  By showing your "colors," you create not only a sense of community awareness, but it has been shown that patrons tend to support like-minded businesses more aggressively and are vocal about it to those within their sphere of influence.

Just a sample of community spirit.
There are some distinct advantages to banners, and here are just a few:

Versatile:  Club owners who are successful will host comedy shows, live music, karaoke, and even billiards tournaments.  Banners can be hoisted inside the facility to promote each of the different events in a bright and colorful way that makes patrons feel welcomed.  Outside of the venue, they can be used to spark interest, inform the public of the diversity and specialties of the facility.  

Durable:  When proper care is given, vinyl banners can last for years!  Easily transported for use in numerous locations also.

Inexpensive:  When we tell you the prices, you'll be amazed.  As low as $50 for a 3"x5" banner, your investment is only $3.33/square foot!  And that includes design, layout and delivery to your door.  Other custom sizes are available too!

Supportive:  Local establishments can ride the wave of community spirit and show their local spirit at the same time (see photo example).  Hoisted proudly indoor or outdoor, these colorful, inexpensive and long-lasting banners tell your patrons whom you support.

In short, banners can be creative, exciting and an inexpensive way to broadcast your message and draw in new customers, while encouraging existing customers to come back.

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