12:01 PM
Business goes through cycles, some tougher than others.  Allure Networks is no different.  What started as a venture to provide services such as SEO, social media integration, blogging, web development and marketing strategies, has now blossomed into a full-service de-facto advertising agency.  We are doing radio commercials, web television and now, traditional print materials such as business cards, posters, brochures, sales sheets, banners, postcards, club cards and rack cards.  We didn't expect this kind of expansion, but we're pleased.  As are our customers.

We have truly become a small business marketing turnkey operation and we're very excited about it.

Like you, we are watching customer trends, new product and certainly, the development of new technologies to increase our reach and scope of potential customers.  It's almost mind-numbing to see how much diversity in technology there is in the marketplace and how fast it transforms itself into revenue-producing opportunities.  Small businesses have an advantage where technology is concerned because when the technology presents itself, there doesn't have to be a meeting with the I.T. department, the marketing department and the executive committee to land on it.  Small business owners and decision makers are typically all three rolled up into one person.  We know this and we respect this.

We have been in negotiations to put together a whole new line of products for our customers.  We have been asked to provide advertising specialty items and merchandise for give-aways and "swag" for trade shows and the like.  We very excited about this chance to increase the diversity of our products and services because small business owners can use Allure Networks to meet virtually all of their marketing needs.

We have come a long way, and we're glad you've joined us.

More to follow...