12:09 PM
Image does, in fact, matter.
"Looks aren't everything," people often say, adding the refrain, "it's what's on the inside that counts."  That's not always the case though, is it?  Imagine hearing about a fabulous Italian restaurant that boasts of unimaginable appetizers, pasta that melts in your mouth and sauces so delicious, you salivate just thinking about them.  You drive to the location, and see that the exterior of the building is covered in gang graffiti, there are drug dealers hanging around, but undeterred, you enter.  When you walk in, the chairs are strewn about, the wait staff could easily double as contestants on the last week of Survivor...

Get the picture?

Image matters, how you present your business matters.  How you market your brand is critical to drawing in new clients/customers and congruity of marketing message is critical for successful campaigns.  Whether it be a logo design or interior decorating, visual appeal is important to making customers feel welcomed, safe and reassured that they are making a good buying decision.  Customers who are confident, will come back and equally important, they will tell others about you.

The music industry understands the necessity of visual appeal and how the image should match the music genre, coupled with smart branding and merchandise sales.  For example, it would be insane to to see Zakk Wylde of the Black Label Society wearing Hello Kitty t-shirts.  The brand matches the image, which in turn matches the merchandise which personifies the music.  The same concept of visual appeal is just as important for DME providers, shoe stores, realtors, insurance agents, attorneys and even grocery stores.

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