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A classic love story, one based on visual attraction, pleasurable experiences and cultivated through a lasting, trustworthy relationship.  Marriages are based on much of the same, so should the relationship with customers/clients.

While it isn't recommended that you cultivate the kind of relationship with your customers/clients wherein they stalk your social media, show up and your home and pester you to death, resulting in boiled rabbits on your stove, it is important to look at the customer/business relationship in a similar manner.  You want your customers to find your venue attractive, provide a pleasurable experience, and cultivate consistency in those relationships.  When they do, they refer more business to you and come back often themselves.

Let's take a look at the process of falling in love...

1.  Visual Attraction.  We've discussed this previously, but it is important to note that visual attraction means that customers/clients won't mind taking photographs of themselves at your venue and post it on their various forms of social media.  Make your facility comfortable, attractive and indicative of what type of business you're conducting.

2.  Pleasurable Experience.  Whether you be in retail or B2B, people remember the grumpy representative more often than they remember the kind, sweet representative.  Encourage your staff to act as though it is the customer signing the front of their paychecks rather than you.  Which, in a way, is very true.

3.  Trustworthy Relationship.  When your staff (or you for that matter) recommends a product, that product should deliver exactly what you say it will.  If you sell nutritional supplements and you boast how delicious your shakes taste, if it actually tastes like saliva-flavored sawdust, don't be surprised if you don't sell a whole lot.  Communicate with honesty and integrity, be candid with your customers about the expectations of your product and/or service.  The aggregate result is a long term relationship with your customer/client and hopefully, their friends.

Allure can help you lure in those customers, help you woo them, make sure your honesty and integrity shows and we'll be there to celebrate with you when you take them to the altar that is your cash register.

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