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Nightclubs, bands, bars, comedy clubs...virtually all entertainment venues (and entertainers) have to be exceptionally careful with their marketing dollars and must create a positive experience for patrons in order to thrive in this diverse economy.  One of the most effective ways to allow patrons to come back frequently is to give them a sense of emotional ownership to your experience.  For bands, a fan club that connects directly to the pathos of their followers is very helpful.  Shotgun Rebellion, by way of illustration, is a band based out of Ardmore, Oklahoma who plays mostly original music that follows the "Red Dirt Metal" genre.  A cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black Label Society, Shotgun Rebellion has created their "Gun Club," where fans can interact with band members on a personal level, providing special offers to Gun Club members.

Allure Networks has an idea that will help your entertainment venue or your band connect and create a similar emotional connection with clients and potential clients quickly, effectively, and most importantly, affordably.

Club Cards have a full-color, card stock format that are a little larger than business cards and are inexpensive to design, create and distribute.  The 2.75"x4.25" cards would contain your logo, your hours, your contact information (including Facebook, social media addresses) while the back could contain specials, venues, discounts on cover charges or even a calendar of events.  Allure Networks is offering these cards for you for a limited time for only $70 per 1,000.

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