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In the energy sector, there is always a great deal of discussion about a “diversified energy portfolio,” the need for utilization of many sources of energy.  Petroleum, wind energy, solar energy, natural gas and hydro-electric power are all required to have what is considered to be “diversified.”  It is a necessary factor in reducing our dependence upon foreign oil and creating jobs in the United States.  And as the election rolls around, you’ll hear a great deal of talk about this portfolio from presidential candidates.

The same can be said for your marketing portfolio.  A diversified marketing profile creates a synergy for your business, builds “top of the mind awareness” and the aggregate result is more customers, more revenue. 

What does a “diversified marketing portfolio” look like?  It varies from business to business, predicated upon marketing budgets (typically 7-10% of gross revenues).  A strong portfolio includes:
Traditional Media – Radio, Television, Print
Internet Presence – Website
Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube

Having an effective diversified portfolio in a tough economy can make the difference for any small business.  Here are a few (free) tips to get you started…

First, communicate concisely.  Know your products/services, and communicate to your customers and prospective customers in a manner that provides not only the features of your products/services, but provides related benefits for your customers.  “When you dine with us, your mind AND stomach will be satisfied.”

Second, be consistent.  In political campaigns, there is a belief that when you “go up in media, you have to stay up,” and it is true.  Once you begin marketing, your business needs to maintain it’s communications strategies and ensure that the same message is communicated throughout your portfolio.

Third, never doubt the power of social media.  While it may be true that the stock numbers for Facebook are down, its efficacy as a marketing tool is not.  Successful businesses understand the power of social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, et al) and use it to its fullest.  Some major brands are even running commercial campaigns exclusively for those mediums.  The beauty of social media is that it is inexpensive.

Allure Networks understands what it means to be a small business and the critical nature of a diversified marketing portfolio which is why we have added traditional print materials to our services line.  Business cards, brochures, door hangers, tent cards, postcards, menus and even banners are now available through Allure Networks as well as social media strategies, web video production, radio production and placement, print advertising and overall marketing strategies. 

How diversified is YOUR portfolio?  We will help you.