12:11 PM

If you haven't heard of blogging, you've been living under a rock. Like never before, it's extremely easy to put information on the internet. Services that once required you to be an amateur programmer, now publish websites and blogs with just a few clicks.

Some believed that blogging in the traditional sense would become obsolete with the influx of social networks like Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter that integrate "micro-blogging" into their user interface. These social networks made it easy to quickly communicate thoughts and information to your friends through their respective services. Your friends and family no longer had to visit your web page to keep up on what was new.

However, there are thoughts and information that simply cannot fit into 140 characters. There is still a need for greater detail. When something strikes our interest, we want to know more. So instead of becoming obsolete, blogging has become more powerful than ever before. Users are sharing links to blog posts in their Twitter feed or in their Facebook statuses.

What this means for businesses is that if you can harness the power of viral marketing through blogging, you can reach fans and customers that would have previously been impossible. If what your blog has to say, catches someone's eye and they post it on facebook or twitter. Hundreds of people instantly have a link to your website in front of their faces. You can't pay for that kind of valuable exposure.

As any business knows, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. If you put yourself in the right position to make the most of this powerful marketing tool, who knows where your business can take you?

I do, and I can help.

Matt Black